Regional coordinators of the BAM party sue Benchesmash

The Hasparis e-journal learned that the regional coordinators of the PAM, who had been stripped of their responsibility by the Secretary-General, Abdul Hakim Benshmash, had decided to resort to the judiciary to challenge his step. According to sources in the newspaper, the coordinators of nine quarters in the Kingdom decided, after meeting them, ways to

Benkirane: Save the country from misfortunes .. And “Begidi” the strongest Moroccan party

Former Prime Minister Abdellah Benkirane reiterated his insistence on the country’s highest authority as the country’s most powerful authority, adding that “the stage is difficult for party members to prove to the people that they are the best to lead their interests and represent their positions.” Benkirane, who spoke to members of JSP and the

Parliament calls for urgent government action to spare Moroccans thirst in the summer

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, thirst is threatening the thousands of Moroccan villagers. Parliamentarians have called on the government to avoid a “thirst revolution” in the summer of 2019. Parliamentarians at the weekly oral questions session in the lower house of parliament said on Monday that a number of Moroccan villages and towns were