A fierce battle today in Brussels on the occasion of the European Parliament’s vote on the fishing agreement with Morocco

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A decisive public meeting of the European Parliament to vote on the fishing agreement with Morocco is taking place on Wednesday in Strasbourg, France, marking the end of a fierce diplomatic battle that has faced Morocco and the separatist lobby for a whole year.

Rabat, Morocco, and the European Union signed a new agreement on maritime fishing, including the coast of the Moroccan Sahara, on Monday in the Belgian capital Brussels.

The new agreement, which was initialed last July, specifically sets out fishing areas and conditions for European fleet access, with an annual transfer of 40 to 2.25 million euros (plus 30 per cent), as well as provisions for To assess the implications and benefits for the local population in the regions concerned.

A group of members of the European Parliament have demanded in an attempt to thwart the step of ratification of the agreement, which respects the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, have demanded last week to refer the text of the Convention to the European Court of Justice and the legal opinion after the Frente POLISARIO failed to obtain the adoption of Pro Cassell for its request to suspend Voting procedures for the Convention.

The agreement was approved by the International Trade Commission of the Brussels Parliament on the basis of a report prepared by the former commissioner of the French Trade Commission Patricia Lalonde, which culminated in the visit of its leaders at the head of a European parliamentary delegation to both Laayoune and Dakhla.

The European Commission has also defended the parliamentary committee on fishing for its position in favor of signing the new agreement with Morocco, stressing that Sahrawis benefit from the Convention.

Despite the strong pressure exerted by Madrid to speed up and facilitate the stages of ratification of the maritime fishing agreement with Morocco, the various institutions of the European Union, but the voting session is open to all possibilities and will be hot since many of the left and green deputies of the European parliamentary groups close to the separatist lobby and Including the deputies of the Pudimus Party and the United Left party will fiercely oppose the text of the agreement regardless of the fact that its size and mass do not significantly affect the voting intentions, which generally tend to support the traditional parliamentary blocs to give the green light to the project.


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