A night guard is holding a woman and her baby and raping her inside a construction workshop in Quneitra

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The judicial police force in the Mahdia district of the city of Kenitra on Thursday night (March 29th) arrested a 54-year-old night guard on suspicion of involvement in a case involving detention, rape and violent robbery by white weapons.

A notification to the General Directorate of National Security stated that the security services had reached a phone call from a citizen about the issue of the detention of a woman in a building workshop. This led to the intervention of the judicial police who arrested the suspect, a guard at the same workshop. Robbery and sexual assault.

The immediate intervention of the police enabled the victim to be transported to the hospital for necessary treatment, along with her infant, who had not suffered any apparent attack. A hand-held chain of the victim had been seized by the suspect during the criminal acts.

The same source pointed out that the suspect was kept under the custody of the theoretical against the background of judicial research conducted under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor, in order to reveal all the circumstances and circumstances of this case.

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