A strong ownership push to rehabilitate and rehabilitate the old city of Rabat

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His Majesty King Mohammed VI on Monday visited a number of projects under the program of rehabilitation of the ancient city of Rabat, one of the strengths of the integrated program “Rabat, the city of lights, Morocco’s cultural capital”
The visit, which gives a strong impetus to the efforts of valuing this space of high heritage value, reflects the firm will of the King to preserve the architectural style of the ancient city of Rabat, which was designated in 2012 as a universal human heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) , To enhance its cultural and tourist radiation, and improve the living conditions and work of its inhabitants.

Thus, His Majesty the King visited the Bab Shala, leading to the schools of Mohammed V and the Grand Mosque, the Souq Al-Sabat Market and the Bab Al Bahr, sites that underwent restoration and valuations as part of the rehabilitation program for the ancient city of Rabat.

His Majesty also visited workshops to rehabilitate salt and pigment parks, which are known to have a very high level of achievement (75%).

Several operations have been completed under the rehabilitation program of the old city of Rabat, which requires investments worth 625 million dirhams.

Rehabilitation of the Kazaa Ramp, restoration of the Kasbah Al Oudaia, rehabilitation of Al Marsa Street, the creation of sports stadiums near Bab Shala (within the walls of the Old City), the construction of a commercial gallery and the strengthening of the façade overlooking the river.

In this context, it should be noted that the beautification and appreciation of the river façade of the ancient city of Rabat comes in line with the model project for the creation of the valley of Abu Burqaq.

Other projects are in the process of being completed, in particular the construction of public squares, the restoration of the wall extending from the door to the door to the door of the sun, the strengthening of buildings threatened with collapse, the restoration of “hotels” and the construction of the space of the manufacturer.

On the other hand, the implementation of this ambitious program was reinforced by the launch of His Majesty the King, on 14 May 2004, for the supplementary program to revalue the old city of Rabat with a financial envelope of 325 million dirhams.

The new generation program, which was developed in accordance with the Royal Instructions, aims at valuing and improving the architecture of the old city and enhancing its attractiveness, especially by building two underground parking spaces near Bab Al Ahad and Bab Shala, with a total capacity of 1090 Marken, and the preparation of the squares located around the central market and “Bab Sunday”.

The rehabilitation of the Tamjajt sports complex, rehabilitation of the perimeter of the city wall and its lighting, as well as the completion of the pavement of alleys, narrow alleys, alleyways, narrow alleys and small squares, as well as the development of news boards.

It should be noted that the projects of building underground parking for “Bab al-Ahad” and completion of the sidewalks of the alleys of the old city and narrow alleys, are under construction, while the rest of the projects are under study.

The rehabilitation program for the ancient city of Rabat is part of the efforts under His Majesty’s leadership to preserve and value the old cities in a number of cities such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, Essaouira, Salé and Tetouan.

On this occasion, King Mohammed VI, may God bless him and grant him peace, presented to the king the symbolic handover of bicycle keys to the beneficiaries, which were acquired within the framework of the tourism and ecological transport project of Rabat, which is supervised by the initiative. National Human Development.

These 50-wheel bikes, which cost a total investment of AED 2.5 million, will also provide tours within Rabat.

The ambitious program aims at developing clean transport at the city level, diversifying urban transport and mobility, as well as creating income-generating activities for young people seeking employment.

These young people have already benefited from a composition in communication, reception techniques, civic education, management, entrepreneurship and foreign languages, under the auspices of the Anwar Environmental and Tourism Transport Cooperative and the Start Point Society.

Thousands of residents of the ancient city of Rabat gathered on this occasion along the path of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to express their loyalty and loyalty to His Majesty and deep gratitude to His Holy Person for this visit.


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