Absence of defense defendants delay file “secret sacrifice”

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The absence of a number of lawyers supporting the defendants in the file of the secret sacrifice, which is being heard by the Court of Appeal in Casablanca, raised the resentment of the prisoners’ families as well as the governing body at the hearing on Monday.

The ruling body was forced today to postpone the discussion of the file after asking lawyers who attended the session to invite their colleagues to attend the next date. She also called on the defendants to tell their defense to attend to avoid the continuation of the postponement of the case, especially as it knew many delays throughout the month of Ramadan, after the death of one of the lawyers who are in the file.

It is expected that the next session, scheduled for Monday, June 10th, will see the defense begin to submit their pleadings to acquit their clients of the charges against them. However, their absence again will make the integration of the members of the Commission difficult, especially since the defendants are related to each other and made statements about some of them in the control records As well as during their appearance before the Commission.

The defense of the detainees in this case raised the issue of translating the experience carried out by the interests of the National Laboratory of the Royal Gendarmerie on the material “Mimi”, which the Royal Gendarmerie of the group of waterfalls booked after the arrest of the accused in the case.

The Court decided to defer consideration of the question of translating the experience of the Royal Gendarmerie to a later date, and that the next sessions should continue the defense proceedings before entering into deliberation and judgment in this case, which is of interest to the national public opinion.

The defense of the detainees had held that the experience of Mimi was supposed to take place before the sentence in the primary stage, and not until the case reached the stage of appeal and cut them off.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of Appeal of Casablanca has asked that the initial verdict against the accused be upheld. “The acts committed by these people can not be carried out by anyone but those who accept the slaughter, slaughter, Its meat to the citizen is not enough, “adding that those who do so stripped of his humanity.

The representative of the general right stressed that “the follow-up acts remain constant in the right of the accused, in view of the state of flagrante delicto.” He pointed out that the name “Al-Radad” was admitted in the preliminary examination and confirmed that he was actually practicing the secret sacrifice.

For his part, the defense tried to refute the statements made by the Public Prosecution, by confirming that the minutes of the judicial control are “invalid”. Attorney Hassan Mahi pointed out that “any follow-up does not come from non-compliance, and follow-up relied on a false record. void”.

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