Amantanut Primary condemns five people involved in possession and promotion of drugs

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On Thursday, March 28, the Criminal Chamber of the Court of First Instance in Pimentanot convicted five people from the city of Chefchaouen, one year and a fine of 1,000 dirhams each, for possession and transfer of drugs.

The details of the case, when the elements of the national security of the region of security in Bishayawa, Morocco on Sunday, March 3, the arrest of two people and seized a quantity of anesthetic drug estimated at one kilogram and a half, and the escape of 3 others, the moment of arrest of their car type “Dacia”.

According to reliable sources of the prestige of the press, the band of riders managed to encircle and arrest the three fugitives after chasing Hollywood streets of the city, to be taken members of this gang to the police station in Bishisha.

The same source added that the car was carrying 5 people coming from Tangier city in the direction of Essaouira. They were carrying a quantity of “hashish” drug in the back box, where they were detained and subjected to automatic dosing. Three of them were killed and two were thrown by members of the security forces. Located in “Albaraj”.

The five defendants were heard in legal proceedings on the instructions of the Public Prosecution of the Central Court of Bamantanot for the transfer, possession and consumption of drugs.

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