Arrest of a person with 22,140 medical tablets

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On the basis of accurate data provided by the Directorate General for the Control of the National Territory, the judicial police force in the regional security zone in Tatara managed to arrest a 21-year-old man and confiscated (22.140) “He said.

A complaint to the General Directorate of National Security stated that the suspect, a frequent case law expert, had been arrested while traveling on a public transport bus from one of the northern cities of the Kingdom to the city of Casablanca. The narcotic is carefully hidden inside his personal luggage bag.

The same source explained that the research and investigations carried out in coordination with the interests of the security of Casablanca has enabled the arrest of a second person suspected of being the main actor who was the shipment of medical pills addressed to him.

The two suspects were kept under the custody of the guardianship at the time of the search, which is supervised by the competent public prosecutor, in order to determine all the circumstances surrounding this case and arrest the rest of the potential perpetrators.

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