Benkirane: Save the country from misfortunes .. And “Begidi” the strongest Moroccan party

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Former Prime Minister Abdellah Benkirane reiterated his insistence on the country’s highest authority as the country’s most powerful authority, adding that “the stage is difficult for party members to prove to the people that they are the best to lead their interests and represent their positions.”

Benkirane, who spoke to members of JSP and the Justice and Development Party, returned to the context of forming his first government in 2012. “In 2011, we stood firm and were not expressed by other parties, who founded the State Party or as the” The elections were organized and we won 107 votes, and the government passed efficiently and properly and saved the country from several calamities. “

“The Moroccan people are with us and have given us the elections on two occasions; we have the confidence of the people, we must prepare for the future,” he said. The party, “adds Benkiran, who admitted:” Our brothers did not benefit from politics only a little, where they bought some cars and houses. “

And on his removal from the premiership, Benkirane said: “I have served my country with great effort because responsibility is a weight before God, and God is not responsible. God will win it. What will happen to the king of God.” Before I became president, I was 60 years old. I have lived over the past years, and now I have left the government, is my livelihood stopped? Of course not, and if God wants to bless me, he will bless me until the end of my life. “

“But we can not be in the government at any cost, and if there are things that can not be done, we will leave the government, but we will remain a component of reform in society,” he said. And the country can not be left in the direction of corruption and lack of reform because it will lead to things Mshi Mzia.

“The state trusts our party, despite all the difficulties we have experienced, because this is our country and above our heads, and if you weaken your country at the expense of the interests of other countries, the rights of the entire people will be lost,” he said.

“It is in our interest that our country be represented by a king who feels that his people are with him and we are a part of him,” he added, adding that he would not talk about foreign policy matters because that was the king’s responsibility.

“If they have reached the ranks of the world through religion, they have the right to accuse us,” Benkirane said. “Our path is not the path of the world but the path of the Hereafter, but it is far from mysticism and adherence, To serve the people, the citizens and the homeland. ” He added that “the party so far quite a bit in general, and the Brotherhood did not prove that they touched the nation’s money.”

The former Secretary-General of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) revealed that “there is no party now stronger than the Begidi in Morocco, because the parties in the arena are far from the level of our party, and they are running for office. Raise the slogan: reasonable. “

“When we started the political work, we did not have the money, the state and the state did not help us, we were bareheaded and barefoot. We went to Dr. Khatib in 1992 and entrusted us with God and we came to this project to serve the country,” Benkirane said. Adding “with the reasonableness and integrity that the people witnessed, and the king and the parties knew it as well, we reached this level of maturity.”


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