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Parliament calls for urgent government action to spare Moroccans thirst in the summer

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, thirst is threatening the thousands of Moroccan villagers. Parliamentarians have called on the government to avoid a “thirst revolution” in the summer of 2019. Parliamentarians at the weekly oral questions session in the lower house of parliament said on Monday that a number of Moroccan villages and towns were

On the controversy over the “language of teaching” Sheikh Omar al-Qazabri writes: wet Fairy in the virtue of the Arabic language …!

Following the controversy over the “teaching language” in the Moroccan school after the introduction of the draft law 51.17 on the system of education and training of the parliament, which seeks in its current form to the dominance of the French language on Moroccan education, wrote Tashikh Omar al-Qazzabri article entitled “wet fairy. In the

Rain and strong winds Friday in these areas

The National Meteorological Directorate (NMA) expects Friday that the general weather will be characterized by cold weather over the highlands and highlands, with rain and showers sometimes thundering over the Tangier, the countryside, the Mediterranean, northern and central regions, the Atlas heights, the western plains, the eastern region and the Sais. Heavy clouds will also