East side .. The seizure and destruction of tons of foodstuffs not suitable for consumption

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According to the Regional Directorate of the National Office of Health Safety of Food Products in the East, the surveillance operations carried out during the first three months of this year resulted in the seizure and destruction of 22 tons of corrupt and expired food.

According to a communiqué to the Regional Directorate, foodstuffs of animal origin (16,048 tons) and foodstuffs of plant origin (6,098 tons) were reported.

As part of the monitoring operations carried out by the various departments of the Directorate in order to ensure the safety and health of the consumer, as well as through participating in the mixed regional committees, since the beginning of this year, the health monitoring campaigns for the most consumed foodstuffs have been completed.

In this regard, the source pointed out that during the first three months of 2019, control of about 70 thousand tons at the import of grain, dates and fresh fruits. Sixty-five tons of cotton were returned for non-compliance with national health standards and 7,650 tonnes of animal-origin food products.

109 health and inspection certificates were delivered and 655 field visits were carried out.

The inspections and surveillance carried out during this period, according to the report, resulted in the release of 138 counter-reports relating to food fraud, non-conforming labeling and secret sacrifice.

The Regional Directorate of the National Office for the Safety of Health of Food Products participated in several regional and regional exhibitions to value local products and promote the social and solidarity economy. Several meetings and awareness campaigns were held with exhibitors and visitors. On the other hand, According to the same source.

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