International report on fuel prices confirms the prices of gasoline in Morocco is the most expensive globally

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An international source specialized in identifying and evaluating the prices of fuel in the world markets, what we have published in this newspaper, not once, and confirmed by many national sources that the prices of fuel in the Moroccan market is among the most expensive prices in the world, (globalpetrolprices), which includes a list of the levels of gasoline prices in the world, and ranked the Arab countries among the cheapest price globally, while other Arab countries, including Morocco, were among the countries with the most expensive prices for gasoline.

Hong Kong ranked first in the world’s most expensive gasoline, followed by many European countries.

According to this report, Palestine is considered the first Arab country with the most expensive price of gasoline for $ 1.73 per liter of gasoline, followed by Yemen, which is living a fierce war at 1.58 dollars per liter, Jordan at 1.36 dollars per liter, and Morocco ranks fourth in the Arab countries in the most expensive price of gasoline at an average price The report identified it at $ 1.07 per liter.

For the lowest price of petrol in the Arab countries, there is Libya at $ 0.11 per liter, Sudan $ 0.13, Kuwait 0.34 dollars and Algeria at $ 0.35.

The average price of $ 1.07 per liter of gasoline is very high, and may exceed the price in many European countries, because if this price, for example, in a country like France up to $ 1.9 per liter, the minimum wage in this country not less than 1100 euros, In the month, but this wage doubles its counterpart in Morocco more than four times, which confirms that the price per liter of gasoline in Morocco is one of the most expensive in the world.

Although oil prices fell to a record low of $ 50 a barrel in the world market a few weeks ago, the price of oil in the domestic market has fallen by only a very low 15 percent.


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