Moroccan youth believe in the need to defend the Sahara issue through the «Youth Awakening»

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The Youth Awakening Society, a group of young Moroccans seeking more research and knowledge on topics of interest to the Moroccan Sahara issue, organized a seminar entitled “Moroccan Youth and Advocacy for Moroccan Sahara”, with the participation of Mustafa Al-Khoari, the Minister Delegate in Charge of Relations with Parliament and civil society, Karima Ghanem, President of the International Center for Diplomacy, and Nouvel Bouamri, lawyer and expert on Moroccan Sahara affairs.

The project manager, Adam Almoden, told Al-Alam that the national issue is an issue that must be understood first and faith in it secondly and the responsibility to be responsible for it. Third, the youth project answers a number of problems, the most important of which is the objective and scientific unconsciousness of young people at the national level. And the work and work on a scientific portfolio as a supplement, and the work will be 12 parties, each of the latter will work on a scientific program is focused at all levels, including legal and historical.

He pointed out that the national issue has entered a new phase, and civil society is in dire need of its follow-up. Morocco has become a position of strength, especially after improving its relations with the United Nations, which brought things back to normal, with the fall of the Polisario and the development of human rights.

The spokesman stressed the need to undertake historical events and control all aspects, knowledge and skills of digital and evangelical, in addition to the values ​​and ethics in the case of defending the Moroccan Sahara, and requires the adoption of planning in the search for legal precedents, “We as actors in civil society to keep pace with development and be An influential element “.

The president of the association, Mahdi Pasha, added that they are proud of the idea of ​​pleading at the level of parallel diplomacy which he considered in Morocco not to be in the correct manner. He stressed the necessity of framing that makes the proceedings more effective, relying on digital argumentation and trying to work on it in a scientific way. Sophisticated development that ensures its survival for future generations.

The speaker said that the association consists of young people from four sectors not more than 25 years old, who combine national work, despite their lack of funding, to work on the Moroccan Sahara issue as a cause for all. On a program that illustrates the suffering of detainees in Tindouf and its connection to the Arab world.

Lawyer Nouvel Bouamri stressed that the role of young people is mainly reflected in the transformation of the Moroccan Sahara file, the exploitation of digital mechanisms in the knowledge of the strategy of the Polisario and its allies, and the changes in the file at the level of the Security Council by changing the language used and taking note of all decisions that concern the issue, To involve young people in international issues and to invest in the Moroccan community living abroad.

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