Morocco is looking for a new road map in its relations with the EU

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The changes in the political map in the European Parliament seem to have accelerated the entry into the thinking of the Kingdom of Morocco in order to evaluate and revise the strategic partnership with the EU.

Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, and his Spanish counterpart Josep Borrell, who is in Rabat, are opening a joint meeting to discuss the future of relations between Morocco and the European Union, in the presence of a number of experts and officials.

The sources said that the purpose of this informal meeting is to develop a new roadmap for the partnership between Morocco and the European Union, based on the achievements accumulated over the past fifty years.

The meeting was an opportunity for consultation, reflection and informal exchange, in preparation for the next deadlines in the agenda of Morocco and the European Union.

Morocco and the European Union have accumulated a number of common achievements, especially since it won the “Outstanding Partner status” in October 2008; however, the development of the context has prompted Morocco to enter into thinking in order to seek ways to deepen relations with the European neighbor.

The results of the elections of the European Parliament, in which the extreme right achieved positive results, accompany Morocco to these variables which may threaten its interests if the extreme right can rise to the pyramid of the institutions of parliament to influence European decisions.

In recent years, relations between Rabat and Brussels have witnessed a lot of tension, especially in the file related to the fishing and fishing products coming from the southern provinces. This led Morocco in 2016 to sever all contacts with the European Union because of the decision of the European Court to take legal action against the interests of The kingdom.

Relations between Morocco and the European Union have also set many challenges in 2018, and are expected to continue in the files of migration, asylum and desert, especially as the extreme right, which is hostile to the interests of Rabat, managed to win seats in the European Parliament.


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