Morocco’s drain of brains and competencies continues .. Three foreign companies resolved in the Kingdom to displace ten engineers every two weeks

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Did the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research boast of the export of brains and competencies abroad? Did he know that three foreign companies are being replaced in Morocco every two weeks to recruit ten Moroccan engineers each time to undergo a work experience outside the country?


Morocco’s skills drain, open new horizons outside the country and demand for technology and information profiles within Morocco, especially in this period of digital transformation, have led to a decline in the competitiveness of local companies and contractors, the sources said. , As well as causing serious harm to Morocco’s attractiveness as a destination for business and foreign investment.


Earlier this year, the Belgian Office of Training and Employment launched a campaign to recruit Moroccan media engineers on the grounds that this campaign will be conducted in partnership with Moroccan institutions to select engineers who meet the required conditions from Belgium.

Minister Amazazi has already stated that about 600 engineers leave the Kingdom annually abroad, roughly equivalent to the number of graduates each year from the four engineering schools of Hassan II University in Casablanca.


A number of those close to the Moroccan brain drain abroad have already warned of the growing phenomenon, especially in the field of information technology, where 50 Moroccan engineers leave every month for other destinations.


And the emigration of talent is not limited to engineers alone. The French Doctors’ Association in France has already revealed that Moroccans represent the second nationality of immigrant doctors registered in its structure, with nearly 7,000 doctors in various specialties.


According to a study by the French Physicians Association, the number of Moroccan doctors settled in France is estimated at 7000 doctors, including 6510 of Moroccan origin who are practicing their profession continuously, while 430 doctors practiced it intermittently.

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