On the controversy over the “language of teaching” Sheikh Omar al-Qazabri writes: wet Fairy in the virtue of the Arabic language …!

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Following the controversy over the “teaching language” in the Moroccan school after the introduction of the draft law 51.17 on the system of education and training of the parliament, which seeks in its current form to the dominance of the French language on Moroccan education, wrote Tashikh Omar al-Qazzabri article entitled “wet fairy. In the virtue of the Arabic language …! “.

“The name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful … The prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and his family and companions .. Dear loved ones:

The defense of the Arab defense of the entity of a nation as a whole .. Says Rafiei God’s mercy: (The language is the image of the existence of the nation with its ideas and meanings and the realities of its souls and a distinct existence based on its characteristics).

Abu Mansur al-Tha’alabi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in his great book .. Language jurisprudence: “Whoever loves Allah, I love His Messenger Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. .. and I love Arabic by me and persevere on it .. And distracted his passion to it ..).

And how not to be so .. And the Arab is the Hereafter prophecy .. By the revelation of the infallible revelation. Sticks to the distortion and sanitation .. Archived from change and change .. And increase and decrease .. Dear: How not to be a great Arabic language and the Great Quran came down !! And God has revealed in many places of his book that this book is Arabic .. And it came down in the tongue of the Arabs, by which they pronounce .. not Ajram, but is a clear Arab Koran .. He said (And to download the Lord of the Worlds. Almnzrn .. clear Arabic language).

Al-Saadi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in the interpretation of this verse: “And I hope that these virtuous virtues have come together in this holy book … it is the best book … the best of angels … the best of creatures … the best of them. .. The best tongues and the most explicit and wider .. It is the Arabic tongue shown).

Ahbabi: But he knows the virtue of the Koran who knew the words of the Arabs. He learned linguistics. And learned the statement .. And looked at the poetry of the Arabs and speeches in the citizens of Abkhkharha and letters and Aragizha and Ashaqha .. He learned the coloring of the speech and its implications .. And the arts of rhetoric .. And the cycles of eloquence .. And naturalization of natural .. And innovations Bdaih .. And the virtues of governance and proverbs .. This dear book .. And saw what God Almighty has deposited in it rhetoric and fluency and arts statement. Ota wonder wonder .. and say chapter of the pulp. And the eloquent rhetoric that puzzles the hearts .. And closes the doors without .. How come after all this wants to marginalize the language that is currently suffering what is suffering .. And then wants to make matters worse by cutting the thread of the final link .. After cutting or almost (this For what it wants) it is a global conspiracy intended to cut off the link with the Koran .. to remain locked shelves .. or confined to the banquet and the funerals .. Instead of being a life curriculum as wanted by his house (and we sent him an Arab rule).

The former of this nation have known this language and cherish it. They defend it. But he has reached their awareness of the importance of the Arabic language and pride in them that said Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Khwarizmi (God because Ahaji in Arabic loved me to praise the Persian) and transfer Suyuti God’s mercy in his book to maintain logic .. Imam Shafi’i God’s mercy said (What ignorance of people and what they differed Except to leave them the language of the Arabs) and reached their interest in this great language that they prepare the melody in the language – the wrong means – the hybridity of the tongue .. the denigration of meaning .. and corrupt the building .. Even Abdul Malik bin Marwan said his famous word (melody of speech. In the face).

O Amjad: The mind of this generation must come out of the narrow, moldy basement that some of those who have ridiculed the service of others have put in. After they have emptied of all the meanings of purity and pride in identity, they convinced him that his development, progress, advancement and enlightenment are suspended from others. And convinced him that science in Arabic science is old and empty and there is no tender .. And it is rigid and futile .. And this age of God lies and vanity and ignorance applied .. And just a look at the reality today .. Show that this talk is just a tonic leaning on the people to pass what passed them and perhaps the people They wear .. That if the nation left the language of the book of their Lord to other languages. It is a nation that has no personality .. It is not a defect to learn the other languages ​​and study .. but is required .. But the disadvantage that it is at the expense of the Arabic language .. And to look at it contempt and ridicule as it happens in many areas in the world Today..

Believer: Hold your tongue and defend it. Before that you know her. And supervised by .. And similar to the buzz of questioning .. Progress in the good with the applicants .. Warned the right people .. The work of the initial Alkab .. The action of the title of the name won the Alarab .. And hide your work Hide hidden conscience .. The hidden brings your hands on survival and Istisam. As well as the woo from the heart by the seduction .. Do not be conscience of religion Salia .. As it is not – I do – from the conscience empty .. Stop your Lord with sincerity and abstraction .. As the sons of Tamim to emphasize .. And do not be sure of the survival of the Arab between two doctrines. Like the Hamzah between between .. And Lejjbk understanding of the rest of the ideas contained in the Apostle .. Also obscures the italics letters Almstalip .. And that the Arabic language will never die no matter what tried Manawshon .. It is reserved to save the Koran .. It is his language .. And by descent. He said his wise house .. (We have descended from the male and we have to keep).

May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions .. Your lover and keeper of your era and Woodman Omar bin Ahmad Al-Qazabri. “

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