Opening of the special session of the House of Representatives

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On Monday, April 01, the House of Representatives held a general meeting devoted to the opening of the special session of the Council.

The session, presided over by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Habib Al-Maliki, presided over the provisions of Article 66 of the Constitution and the provisions of Article 18 of the Council’s Bylaws and pursuant to Decree No. 2.19.225 inviting the Chamber of Deputies and the House of Counselors to hold a special session.

The opening session of the special session will be followed by a plenary meeting devoted to study and voting on draft law 21.18 on transferable guarantees.

According to the decree calling for the Council of Representatives and the Council of Counselors to hold a special session starting April 1, which was approved by the Council of Government last Thursday, will also be discussed during this session, the draft law framework No. 51.17 on the system of education and training and scientific research, and draft law No. 62.17 on administrative tutelage On the ethnic groups and the management of their property, as well as the draft law No. 63.17 on the administrative definition of the lands of the dynastic groups, and the draft law No. 64.17 concerned with the change and completion of the dahir No. 1.69.30 of 25 July 1969 on the lands located in the irrigation circuits

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