Tifelt .. arrest of 5 people in the case of kidnapping and detention and demanding a ransom

A joint security operation initiated by the national security forces of the Tevet Commission, in close coordination with the National Police Police Division, Friday morning resulted in the arrest of five persons suspected of links to a criminal network involved in kidnapping, detention and ransom. The Security Directorate in the city of Tevelt had reached,

Tetouan: A Spanish detainee is questioned by an international order to arrest him

On the evening of Friday, 30 March, the State Department of the Judicial Police in Tetouan arrested a Spanish citizen, who was under investigation under an international arrest warrant issued by the Spanish judicial authorities. According to a red bulletin issued by INTERPOL, To serve a 58-year prison sentence in cases involving premeditated murder, kidnapping,

Arrest of a person with 22,140 medical tablets

On the basis of accurate data provided by the Directorate General for the Control of the National Territory, the judicial police force in the regional security zone in Tatara managed to arrest a 21-year-old man and confiscated (22.140) “He said. A complaint to the General Directorate of National Security stated that the suspect, a frequent

The lame and Abdul-Nabawi and Mujahid study the requirements related to the appropriateness of the newspapers

The meeting of the Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Al-A’raj, the Attorney General of the King, the Chief Prosecutor of the Ministry of Public Prosecutions, Mohamed Abdel Nabawi and the Speaker of the National Press Council Younis Mujahid concluded at the Ministry of Communication’s headquarters to agree on further issues related to the requirements

Bureita supports the Kingdom’s support for the initiatives, vision and projects of the International Organization of la Francophonie

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, affirmed Friday the support of the Kingdom for the initiatives, vision and projects of the International Organization of la Francophonie and its Secretary-General. “This was an opportunity to renew the support expressed by King Mohammed VI in his congratulatory message to the Secretary-General,” Bourrita told

An important communication to the General Command of the Royal Armed Forces, ordered by King Mohammed VI

Under the Royal Instructions of the Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Staff of the Royal Armed Forces of the Royal Armed Forces, King Mohamed VI, the joint Moroccan-American military training “African Leon 2019” will be held from 16 March to 7 April 2019 in Agadir, Tafnit, Tan Tan, Military personnel and an important number of equipment.