Research findings reveal declining indicators of household confidence and deterioration in administrative services, health and education

The results of the constant research on the situation of families during the fourth quarter of 2018, which was achieved by the High Commission for Planning, showed that the level of household confidence has deteriorated significantly. The Household Confidence Index moved to 79.8 points from 82.5 points in the previous quarter and 85.9 points in

International report on fuel prices confirms the prices of gasoline in Morocco is the most expensive globally

An international source specialized in identifying and evaluating the prices of fuel in the world markets, what we have published in this newspaper, not once, and confirmed by many national sources that the prices of fuel in the Moroccan market is among the most expensive prices in the world, (globalpetrolprices), which includes a list of

A fierce battle today in Brussels on the occasion of the European Parliament’s vote on the fishing agreement with Morocco

A decisive public meeting of the European Parliament to vote on the fishing agreement with Morocco is taking place on Wednesday in Strasbourg, France, marking the end of a fierce diplomatic battle that has faced Morocco and the separatist lobby for a whole year. Rabat, Morocco, and the European Union signed a new agreement on

At the press conference held by the High Commissioner for Planning: the most important indicators of macro-economic situation in Morocco

During a press conference held on Wednesday in Casablanca, Mr. Ahmed Lahlimi, the High Commissioner for Planning, presented the outline of the most important macroeconomic indicators during the past two years. With regard to the 2019 projections, Mr. Lahlimi said that the growth rate of the national economy will be 2.9 percent, instead of 3

Does the deal extinguish the wrath of striking traders? The agreement culminated in a cultural dialogue for representatives of merchants, tax and customs administrations, and the Ottoman reassuring Moroccans

The national coordination of the most representative professional bodies, which includes the General Federation of Contracting and Occupations, the Moroccan Ministry of the Trades and the National Union of Tradesmen and Professionals, held two marathon sessions on Monday and Tuesday with the Director General of the Tax Department, Indirect, in order to stand on the

Bank Al-Maghrib confirms that the goals of the liberation of the dirham have been achieved and the banking criticism of our country in Erihia

Sources from Bank Al-Maghrib revealed that the main objectives of the first phase of the reform have been achieved and are continuing to develop positively to enable economic actors to carry out their foreign trade operations under appropriate conditions and that the exchange rate of the dirham in the national banking market has remained stable

Royal Patrols to strengthen the airport structure and equipment, to receive 14 million passengers in Casablanca and to ensure easy access and self-registration

His Majesty King Mohammed VI on Tuesday inaugurated the project to expand, re-establish and modernize the air terminal 1 of Mohamed V International Airport in Casablanca, which has attracted investments of 1.585 billion dirhams. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new national center for regional air traffic control in Agadir, the new national

The file of hydrocarbons is coming back to the fore again. The government is taking the anthrax into the hands of the Competition Council

The Minister of State for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, the government spokesman Mustapha al-Khoefi, said that the Ottoman government has taken a number of measures and measures. To prevent speculation and consumer protection, including the referral of the fuel file to the Competition Council, in the context of strict application of the requirements