Rain and strong winds Friday in these areas

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The National Meteorological Directorate (NMA) expects Friday that the general weather will be characterized by cold weather over the highlands and highlands, with rain and showers sometimes thundering over the Tangier, the countryside, the Mediterranean, northern and central regions, the Atlas heights, the western plains, the eastern region and the Sais. Heavy clouds will also rain in the north-west of the southern provinces, with snowfalls affecting the Atlantic and Mediterranean highlands and highlands above 1500 meters. Misty masses are likely to form over the southern coasts during the morning and night, while the skies will be partially cloudy in other areas.

Winds will moderate from Sector West to South in the southern, central and northern regions, and from the northern sector to volatile in other regions. The minimum temperatures will range from zero to 6 degrees in elevations and high elevations, and between 7 and 12 degrees in the north of the eastern region, the Sais, the Mediterranean façade, the Tangier region, the Central plains, Sousse, the plateaus of phosphates, and the southeastern foothills, and between 23 and 17 degrees in the northern plains and south-east in the southern regions.

The upper temperatures will be characterized by some significant decreases, ranging from 5 to 11 degrees in elevations and phosphates, between 11 and 16 degrees Celsius, Mediterranean, Tangier, North and Central Plains, and between 16 and 21 degrees in the Eastern Region, Sousse and the North Coast, and between 21 and 27 Degree in the south-east and southern provinces.

The sea will be raging to a little frenzy of the Mediterranean façade, a little frenzy to bragging about the bazaar, and raging to the frenzied frenzies of the rest of the region, and a little frenzy to the berserk between Tarfaya and the island.

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