Ramid: The strike by the professors is no longer justified

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The Minister of State for Human Rights, Mustafa Ramid, said that “the strike by the professors of the contract is no longer justified after the government review of the contract system.”

Al-Rumaid said in an opening speech on the occasion of the internal dialogue session of the Justice Party in Casablanca, Sitat, on Sunday, March 17 in Casablanca, that “in the case of the return of contractors to their sections, the government can check with them some of the demands if they require it.”

He called on the leader of the Beigei Party to “make a decision does not allow more waste of school time and does not affect the circumstances that teach the sons and daughters of Moroccans in public schools.”

Al-Ramid added that the government led by his party is responsible for employment by contracting. He explained that “this operating system was set by the government of Abbas al-Fassi, who amended the civil service law.”


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