Regional coordinators of the BAM party sue Benchesmash

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The Hasparis e-journal learned that the regional coordinators of the PAM, who had been stripped of their responsibility by the Secretary-General, Abdul Hakim Benshmash, had decided to resort to the judiciary to challenge his step.

According to sources in the newspaper, the coordinators of nine quarters in the Kingdom decided, after meeting them, ways to the administrative court in order to obtain a ruling in their favor to nullify the decision Benchemash a few days ago against his opponents, as they began to prepare a memorandum on the subject.

One of the regional coordinators, in a telephone call to the newspaper Haspris electronic, to resort to the judiciary against the decision Bencmash, on the grounds that what the Secretary General of the party “contrary to what was voted at the session of the National Council, which extended the functions of regional secretaries until the convening of regional conferences, Which is not yet. “

The regional coordinators went out to Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, Fez Meknes, Casablanca, Settat, Guelmim-Oued Noun, Beni Mellal Khenifra, Souss-Massa, Draa Tafilalet, Marrakech Safi, “on Thursday night, a statement expressing their surprise at the step Benshmash, asserting that the rationales on which he based his decision is not based on any legal basis.

The regional coordinators pointed out that “the Basic Law and the internal rules of the party do not include any requirement that allows the Secretary-General to take a decision to terminate the functions of the regional coordinators,” stressing that throughout his tenure and until the issuance of this resolution, “he was writing us and invited us to the meetings of the Federal Bureau as party regional coordinators “He said.

The authors added that “the National Council of the Party, at its last session, ratified our membership in the Preparatory Committee for the Fourth National Conference as regional coordinators, and the Secretary-General is in no way entitled to repeal the decisions of the National Assembly.” Thus, Which are key institutions in the organizational structure of our party, and the regional conferences remain the only democratic way to change the regional officials of the party, so we are continuing to perform our duties according to the laws and regulations of the party, “adds regional coordinators.

It seems that the opponents of Benshmash tightened the grip on the Secretary-General, who found himself alone with a female parliamentarian, after the rejection of many prominent faces from the presence of his meeting, despite attempts by Arab Meharsi to convince Ahmed Idrisi, the man in the north; Stressing their attachment to the Secretary-General’s departure.

In a similar context, a number of heads of groups in the region of Marrakech Safi, under the Gilbab Ahmed al-Twaisi, a member of the Political Bureau and Deputy Benshmash in the House of Advisers, who supports the latter, declared their uprising against him and against the decisions of the Secretary-General.

In a letter addressed to Benshmash, which was read by the newspaper, the heads of the groups called for “stopping the rest of the party institutions in order to separate the institution of the General Secretariat by issuing unilateral decisions that undermine the efforts of all the militants at the national level, Continuity and project “.

They expressed their rejection of the expulsion of Benshmash against a number of members, stressing in this context the need to “stop expelling the militants who have a different opinion both at the level of the political bureau or the National Council or regional and regional coordination.”

The leaders of these groups, who have considerable influence in the province of Al-Hawaz, did not hesitate to exclude the representatives of the rest of the positions and responsibilities and control of the descendants of the countryside, where they demanded “to abandon the tribal and regional logic in assuming positions of responsibility both within the party or parallel institutions and the presidency of the parliamentary teams, To the rest of the frameworks and leaders from other parties to assume positions of responsibility, like the frameworks and young people of Marrakech – Safi in view of their electoral weight and its contribution to the popular extension of the party, without exclusion to the rest of the parties.


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