Report of the administration of the prison “Okasha” regarding prisoners detained under the anti-terrorism law

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The local prison administration of Ain al-Sabe 1 confirmed that prisoners detained under the Anti-Terrorism Act benefit from all the rights guaranteed by the law and that the allegations they promote put pressure on the administration to turn a blind eye to their unlawful acts and to obtain illegal privileges.

The prison administration explained in a communiqué in response to some of the websites about allegations made by a group of prisoners detained under the anti-terrorism law, that “what is stated in the article is baseless, but in response to the inspection carried out in the neighborhood which Where they were detained a group of mobile phones that were in possession, as has been the stone of other prohibitions they had during a previous inspection in the same week.

The decision to ban the sit-in, says the source, “was taken by the General Directorate of Prison Administration and Reintegration, all prison institutions without exception, to alleviate the financial burden on the families of the detainees. , And on the other hand fed the prisoners to specialized companies in the field to improve the meals provided to prisoners in quantity and quality.

As for the claim of their transfer to the clients of the prison establishments, the Department of Ain-Sabe 1 prison confirmed that this is a “false claim. The General Commission has equipped all the prison institutions with economies that have all the required foodstuffs at the customary market price.”

“These prisoners enjoy this right according to the law and according to the prison system they are subjected to, and the pricing of the calls is due to the company concerned and there is no access to the public commission,” the statement stressed.

On the inspection of visitors with the prisoners concerned, according to the law, this process is carried out according to the law and includes all visitors to prisoners without discrimination and in a manner that protects their dignity.

The authors concluded that “the detainees concerned benefit from all the rights guaranteed by the law to them as do the rest of the prisoners without discrimination, and the allegations they promote are intended to pressure the administration to turn a blind eye to their unlawful actions and access to illegal privileges, “All necessary legal action will be taken in case of any breach of the law governing prisons.”

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