Syndicate denounces illegal government deduction of wages

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As Eid al-Fitr approaches, a Moroccan union called on the government to return the “illegal deductions” from the salaries of the striking employees and confirmed that the act amounts to “looting and austerity”.

Many public officials in the education and health sectors were surprised by the large cuts in their salary for May, ranging from AED 600 to AED 1,400, as the government continued to apply the “pay for work” policy.

The National University of Education (FNE) said the government had cut huge amounts of salaries of women and men who had been involved in public and factional strikes announced by the education unions from January to 2019. The government,

The National University of Education explained that these strikes were “in defense of the files of the legitimate demands of public, joint and factionalism, and to protest the passage of a set of retrogressive laws that target historical gains and the dismantling of the public service and privatized public education … initiated by the government through its government and its will to comply with the dictates Colonial financial institutions hostile to peoples “.

In a communiqué reached by Hasparis, the trade union source condemned the successive deductions from the education family’s wages, “not only because they exercised their constitutional right to strike, the right guaranteed by all international and national laws and charters, and therefore these deductions lacked any legal legitimacy.”

The “democratic trend” of “the rejection of the policy of looting and starvation facing the pockets of educational workers and other staff by successive governments to instill despair and frustration and undermine the confidence and feasibility of any organized trade and organized protest and resistance,” and denounced “the policy of impoverishment, Public services, the systematic approach of governments to comply with international financial institutions and their allies at home against the interests of the general Moroccan people. “

The union itself called on the government to “stop all non-democratic and anti-democratic measures and to return all amounts deducted from the salaries of all strikers.”

A number of employees complained earlier about the illegality of government deductions, which come at an inconvenient time and just before Eid al-Fitr in a few days. The absence of a law that bans the workers’ strike, which is still locked in parliament, raises the question of the legality of the government action. This has led some of those affected to suggest a new escalation from the state prosecution gate before the administrative courts.

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