Tetouan: A Spanish detainee is questioned by an international order to arrest him

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On the evening of Friday, 30 March, the State Department of the Judicial Police in Tetouan arrested a Spanish citizen, who was under investigation under an international arrest warrant issued by the Spanish judicial authorities. According to a red bulletin issued by INTERPOL, To serve a 58-year prison sentence in cases involving premeditated murder, kidnapping, detention and escape from a prison institution.

The arrest of the suspect comes within the framework of the bilateral cooperation relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Spain in the security fields, as well as the culmination of close coordination procedures between the security services of Morocco and its Spanish counterpart in combating various forms of transnational organized crime.

The same source said that the Spanish citizen, nicknamed “EL ruso” and “El rober”, who is linked to violent criminal networks in Spain, had fled during the process of escaping from a prison institution in Madrid to the hospital, on 1 November 2018, using violence in The right of members of the Civil Guard assigned to the excavation.

According to the investigation and security investigations carried out, the report adds, the suspect was able to enter the national territory using a Spanish passport containing a false identity, before being identified and arrested in the city of Tetouan.

According to the communication, the matter was kept under the custody of the guardianship under the supervision of the competent public prosecution, pending the submission of it to the competent judicial authorities to decide on the extradition procedure to the Spanish authorities.

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