The file of hydrocarbons is coming back to the fore again. The government is taking the anthrax into the hands of the Competition Council

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The Minister of State for Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, the government spokesman Mustapha al-Khoefi, said that the Ottoman government has taken a number of measures and measures. To prevent speculation and consumer protection, including the referral of the fuel file to the Competition Council, in the context of strict application of the requirements related to freedom of prices and competition.

In fact, when Idriss Al-Karaoui took over the competition board, the newcomer found hot files in front of him and on his desk. In addition, Mr. Al-Karawi’s new mission would not be so simple as to remedy the delay due to the stalemate of the council, Ben Amor, as a result of the expiration of the mandate of its members since 2013, which was considered a catalyst or impediment to stop the study of files and referrals reached.

The back minister had already announced that many of the councils, although the mandate of its members had ended, continued its work, but the response from the former president was that it was not that simple. The duty was to renew the membership so that the Council would have the responsibility to study referrals in a legal situation.

In the past few months, the Competition Council has come to the fore amid controversy sparked by the boycott of a number of consumer goods, including hydrocarbons.

The Advisory Committee on the prices of selling liquid hydrocarbons recommended that the Competition Council should play its role to confirm the existence of exclusive rights or the imposition of uniform practices in terms of prices and terms of sale, and to analyze and control the status of competition in the hydrocarbons market and to monitor counter-practices,

The price of liquid petroleum products, prior to their release on 1 December 2015, was based on the price structure of these materials. However, after liberalizing the prices of liquid petroleum products, the Authority had no authority to determine the margins for import activities Distribution and sale of fuel stations. It should be noted that price control after liberalization is within the jurisdiction of the Competition Council.

There are more than 18 companies distributing liquid petroleum products, including 11 approved companies for the import of these petroleum products. Since price fixing is not within the jurisdiction of any governmental authority, liberalization of the sector and the balance of supply and demand is the determining factor in determining the prices of the sale.

The new president of the Competition Council will find on his table about 40 files from among the file, and remains the most anticipated fuel file for public opinion. She added that the Council reached two studies, one of the National University of the owners of gas stations, pointing finger to the companies distributed and accused And the second study, which the council reached by one of the actors, was banned from importing the fuel. The results of the studies are still not yet circulated.


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