The lame and Abdul-Nabawi and Mujahid study the requirements related to the appropriateness of the newspapers

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The meeting of the Minister of Culture and Communication Mohamed Al-A’raj, the Attorney General of the King, the Chief Prosecutor of the Ministry of Public Prosecutions, Mohamed Abdel Nabawi and the Speaker of the National Press Council Younis Mujahid concluded at the Ministry of Communication’s headquarters to agree on further issues related to the requirements of the Press Law And publishing.

“After reviewing the developments and developments concerning the downloading of the requirements related to permits and deposits related to the compatibility of paper and electronic newspapers with the requirements of the law, with all the implications on the legal and professional levels, it was agreed To continue to coordinate on various issues related to the download of the requirements of the Press and Publication Law, within the framework of respect for the guarantees associated with the exercise of the profession of journalism, while ensuring the proper application of the requirements of the legal texts in order to achieve the objectives envisaged to devote Professional, free, responsible and credible journalism “.

The Minister of Culture and Communication, the Attorney General of the King, the Head of the Public Prosecution and the President of the National Council of the Press, added: “Working together to achieve these goals, in accordance with their competence, in order to guarantee the right to establish professional press contracts, In the law, and to respect the ethics of the profession, within the framework of responsibility and the promotion and development of the press sector.


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