The Ministry of Finance is silent after the traders strike and an invitation by the Ministry of Commerce to meet with representatives of traders in the presence of the tax and customs administrations

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Following a large-scale strike by wholesalers and half-wholesaler in Casablanca last week, the Ministry of Finance announced on its website on Tuesday that the new provisions of the billing information program have not yet come into force and will only be implemented after regulatory texts have been issued.

The information billing program only concerns professionals who are subject to the accounting system and it does not matter at all to traders and service providers who are subject to the system.

The author added that the regulatory text would be prepared according to the activities of each sector, taking into account the specificity of each business, the nature of each activity and the associated constraints.

As for the application of the billing information program, it will rely on a participatory and systematic approach, which will be followed by coordination and consultation with the professional associations and the gradualization according to the nature of each business activity.

The same source pointed out that there will soon be meetings with professional associations and various professional representations to inform them about this issue and provide all clarifications in order to raise confusion in understanding the content of the requirements related to the billing information program.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy called for a meeting on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, with chambers of commerce and industry and representatives of traders in the presence of the General Directorate of Taxes and the General Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes.


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