Tifelt .. arrest of 5 people in the case of kidnapping and detention and demanding a ransom

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A joint security operation initiated by the national security forces of the Tevet Commission, in close coordination with the National Police Police Division, Friday morning resulted in the arrest of five persons suspected of links to a criminal network involved in kidnapping, detention and ransom.

The Security Directorate in the city of Tevelt had reached, on the evening of the first Wednesday, March 27, a complaint from a person claiming that his brother was kidnapped and detained, and that the alleged perpetrators contacted him by telephone to demand a ransom, Supervision of the competent public prosecution.

She added that the field search procedures, backed by technical expertise, resulted in the arrest of suspects in the area of ​​the “student camp”, which is about 15 kilometers away from the city of Tevelt, after they showed violent resistance against the police using large-size white weapons, Find the victim who was detained in the same forest area.

The communication pointed out that the suspects had been kept under the custody of the guardianship in order to identify the background and motives of the criminal act, which was suspected of having links with the liquidation of accounts related to criminal activities, especially since the process of punctuation showed that the victim was known for his jurisprudence in drug cases, National Bank for fraud and fraudulent checks.

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