US official reveals the success of King Kozchner’s “godfather deal century”

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At a time when Morocco has yet to announce its official position on the “deal of the century” and the Bahrain conference, a US official said that the meeting of Jared Kouchner, adviser to Donald Trump, with King Mohammed VI, was “positive and fruitful.”

A senior administration official said in a statement to the widely circulated New York Times that the meeting with the Moroccan and Jordanian detainees was “very positive and fruitful.” But the same official did not elaborate further on the extent to which King Mohammed VI supported or rejected the controversial US peace plan.

The same source pointed out that the White House will delay in putting forward the American peace plan until the Israeli elections scheduled for next September.

The plan will be announced when the time is right, the official said. The newspaper predicted that the announcement by 2020.

The New York Times reported that Kouchner’s tour of the region focused on “building Arab support for his plan, even though the Jordanian monarch has clearly stated that any peace plan must stipulate the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

Jason Greenblatt, Tramp’s special representative for international negotiations, said in his “blog” that Morocco was an important country and ally of the United States of America after a breakfast party he held with King Mohammed VI last Tuesday in Salé, with Jared Kouchner, adviser to President Donald Trump.

“We are honored to have breakfast this evening with His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita and Jared Kouchner,” Greenblatt wrote in his Twitter account. “He said.

It is expected to organize dozens of activists on Sunday evening in the city of Casablanca and a protest in front of the headquarters of the US Consulate, in protest against the “reception godfather” deal century, “Jared Kouchner in Morocco,” and “the policy of normalization with the Zionist entity and Morocco’s involvement in imperialist and American plans, Issued by the Network of Solidarity with Peoples.

“Morocco always coordinates with Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, in international projects related to the Palestinian cause, especially since the Kingdom has accumulated many experiences and positions that are always biased towards the demands of the Palestinians, and no decisions have ever been taken against the interests of Palestine,” he said. Pointing out that the position of the Kingdom of Morocco will be in favor of the Palestinian people regardless of the strategic interests between Rabat and Washington.

The final communiqué issued by the Islamic Summit, with the participation of Morocco, emphasized the centrality of the Palestinian cause and Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the capital of the Palestinian state. He stressed that peace and security in the Middle East is a strategic option.


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