Wehbe: Benchmash is a threat to the constitutional “advisers” institution

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There is no solution to the crisis of the PAM, after it continued to cross the conflicting wings within the organization, where members of the Political Bureau and the Federal Party, during a seminar, the trend towards justice in order to redress the affected party of the exemption decisions issued by Hakim Benshmash, Who called on him to “rationalize and abandon his unilateral decisions”, especially with regard to his veto of the January 5 agreement, which he breached “blatantly”.

Abdellatif Wahbi, a member of the Political Bureau of the PAM, said that “the Secretary-General is backtracking on his agreements, all his movements are wrong and he is relying on the use of inverted and contrary to the law.” He said he rejected the agreement on January 5 at the beginning because his confidence in Penschmash is weak. He added that “the party will go to justice to redress the expelled,” and that he welcomes all “mediation to break the situation.”

“The Secretary-General is always backtracking on his agreements because of the staff of the House of Councilors,” Wahbi said during the symposium held on Sunday night, adding that former secretaries-general had to give practical solutions instead of giving lessons in ethics. He denied that what was done by some of the leaders A trend towards disorganization, accusing the Benshmash Stream of causing a crisis in the party.

He criticized the intervention of Benshmash in matters related to the team “Albam” in the second room, relieved by Aziz Benazuz team leader. “Are the advisers representatives of the nation or employees of the Secretary-General?” He asked. “If this continues, the man poses a threat to the House of Counselors as a constitutional institution.”

“The January 5 agreement was a political depth and came at the request of the Secretary-General. The political and federal bureau agreed,” Mohamed Hamouti, a leader of the PAM, said, adding that the group opposed to Benchesmash was under considerable pressure. The current year is on the table, but “Ella Hoda Allah”.

Hamuti described Benshmash’s decisions as “reckless,” referring to the negative impact he is subjected to by his surroundings, which is reflected negatively on the PAM. He criticized the decision to exempt him, which was done in the form of “Bais,” as he described it

“The inability of the internal spaces of the PAM to embrace a debate in which I presume to be internal,” said Sami Abu al-Qasim, the leader of Al-Bami. He pointed out that the depth of the dispute with Benshmash is a matter related to the internal affairs and the issuance of individual decisions without consultation. From the candor and discipline of the party’s basic law by all parties. “

Abu al-Qasim stressed that “the decisions to dismiss the regional secretaries are not legitimate,” pointing out that his group represents the law, “The others have accounts and backgrounds and references are aware of them.” “He repeatedly demanded that this debate be internal, but” reckless and unbalanced decisions, control and exclusivity have led to the current situation in originality and contemporary, “says the leader of the” Albame. “


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