Khalil Rafiq, a member of the Nurses and Health Technicians movement, said that the movement of the health system aims at protecting the health of the patient by legalizing the person who may carry the status of nurse according to the customs and the last decree in order to determine the responsibility and tasks of each category of health frameworks to ensure transparency and governance of the sector In this sector.

Khalil stressed that the National Council of the Movement is keen not to risk the health of the citizen by excluding vital interests from the strikes to ensure the treatment and hospitalization of urgent cases such as Almstljl, and the departments of recovery and delivery, and centers of blood purification and cancer, and other interests that operate the system of guard and mandatory, This context is intended to compensate patients who are not in urgent need of treatment immediately after the strike, despite the difficulty of working during this period.

Speaking on the sidelines of a press conference held at the headquarters of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights in Rabat on Sunday evening, Rafiq described the health sector as “fragile,” which has always been a black dot. He referred to a series of “forced” strikes demanding change and To be heard, despite the succession of those responsible for the ministry’s will.

For his part, Younis Jawhari, a member of the Nurses and Health Technicians movement, said that the media plays a pivotal role in transmitting the message of nursing frameworks, which constitute a fundamental pillar within the health system. On the mobility of nurses, and the dissection of the reality of the system and its relationship to the health offer to citizens.